How do I set my primary domain?

After you add your domains to your site, you have the option to choose your Primary Domain. The Primary Domain is the main address for your site, it is marked by a House icon in your Domain Settings.

To change or set up your Primary Domain, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Open your Domain Settings by clicking + Add A Domain from your dashboard

Step 2: This will open your Domain Settings window. If you have your Primary Domain setup, you will see a House icon to the left of the domain.



Step 3: To change the Primary Domain, click on the Domain you want to set, to open up it's settings. 

Step 4: On the bottom right corner of the domain's settings, click on the House icon. 



Step 5: Once set, you will see the House icon move to your new Primary Domain. 

Step 6: Publish your site to update your current live version!