Connecting a domain - 1&1

When you create a site, Webydo automatically assigns it a name, which appears in the Site Title parameter of the Settings dialog box (a name similar to site9260363). This is your site’s internal sub-domain name in Webydo. 
When you are ready to open the website to the public, you should attach it to a domain of your own. Note: attaching a domain name is only possible if you have a plan purchased.
Step 1: Add the Domain to Webydo Site Settings
1. Access Webydo's Dashboard and then click the + Add A Domain button for the site.
2. This will open Site Settings on the Domain & Email Tab.
3. Click the Add a New Domain button: 
4. Write your domain name in the input field that just appeared and click Continue.
5. Repeat this step until all domains are added. Be sure that you add every domain in twice. Once with and once without www. 
Example: and 
6. Our system will automatically check to make sure your DNS settings are connected properly. 
7. If your Status is "Waiting for domain registrar connection" this means you need to modify your domain's settings. 
8. If your status is  then your domain is connected properly, and you can skip to Step 3.
Step 2:  Modifying your 1&1 DNS Settings
2. Your dashboard will load on your "Control Panel”
3. Click on "Manage Domain" in the "Your Domain" section (Top right hand side)
4. Click the three dots under "Actions" and choose "Advanced Settings"
5. Scroll down to DNS Settings, click Edit
6. Set A-record to "Other IP Address" and fill in our details:
IPv4 Address:
7. Just below the A/AAAA and CNAME Records you will see a bar telling you CNAME's are only supported for Subdomain.
8. Click on the "subdomain" link 
9. Click Add subdomain 
10. Enter www as the subdomain, and save
11. It will take you back to the "Manage your domains" section, scroll down to DNS Settings again and click Edit
12. Choose CNAME from the list, and enter the following:
13. Save and you're done!
STEP 3: Publish your Site
1. Close 1&1 and go back to your Webydo Dashboard
2. The link icon and status should automatically now show the domain is connected: 
3. Close site settings, and click Edit SIte to open your studio. 
4. Click PUBLISH in the top right corner - and your site will now be live on your domain!