Connecting a Domain from 1&1

When you create a site, Webydo automatically assigns it a name, which appears in the Site Title parameter of the Settings dialog box (a name similar to site9260363). This is your site’s internal sub-domain name in Webydo. 
When you are ready to open the website to the public, you should attach it to a domain of your own. Note: attaching a domain name is possible if you have a plan purchased.

First Step: Copy your website's A-Record address.


1. Access Webydo's Dashboard and then click the website's Settings icon or the + Add A Domain button.


2. Under the General tab, you will find your website's A-Record (it should look like this:
3. Take note of the A-record and log in to your domain provider's account. 



Second Step: Paste the A-record into 1&1

1. Login to your 1&1 account

2. Select Manage Domains



3. Find your domain in the list, and extend the settings to reveal the Edit Domain Settings link



4. Under DNS Settings, extend the view and click Edit



5. Make sure your Nameservers are set as 1&1



6. Paste in your A-record under the IPV4 section and save



Third Step: Add the domain name to your site.

Now that you have your purchased domain name pointing to your site, you should add it to your site as well:



1. Access Webydo's Dashboard and then click the website's Settings icon or Add Domain button again.

2. Under the Domain & Email tab, click on + Add a New Domain.
3. Write your domain name in the input field that just appeared and click Add. Make sure you add the www address (example:, as well as the non-www address (example:


Final Step: PUBLISH


Don't forget to PUBLISH the site. Any changes made will not be active on your live site, until the site has been re-published.