How to add a GetSiteControl plugin to your website?

GetSiteControl is a third party plugin that lets you add chats, surveys, opt-ins forms, promo messages and more to your clients' sites, free of charge.
There is also an option to upgrade to a paid plan with additional integrations and customizations such as removing the GetSiteControl logo, A/B testing and advanced targeting.


Step 1: Drag and drop the GetSiteControl icon to your canvas.
Step 2: Insert the site ID in the Studio.
Step 3: Create an account. 
Step 4: Add widgets to your site.
Step 5: Publish.


Step 1: Drag and drop the GetSiteControl icon to your canvas.

In the Elements Panel, under the Plugins dropdown, you can find the GetSiteControl icon.


Note that what you see now in the Studio is only a mockup, on the studio it will appear wherever you choose to after you determine the settings. 
You can hide the mockup from the canvas using the checkbox in the Properties Panel and find it again in the Layers Panel. If you choose to do so, it is recommended that you do it after completing all of your settings.
Step 2: Insert the site ID in the Studio.
If you already have an account and active widgets, the next step is connecting the widgets to the site with the unique GetSiteControl site ID.
To get it, go to Site Settings.
Click the Install tab.
Your ID is a part of this code, the five digit number in the middle of the URL. You only need this number, not the entire code. Copy the ID.
Back in the Studio, paste the ID in the Properties Panel in the designated field.
Step 3: Create an account. 
In the Properties Panel, click the manage icon.
Sign in or create an account in the window that opened.
Step 4: Add widgets to your site.
Click Create Widget to star adding widgets to your website. 
You may choose one from the list and add more later.
After Choosing a widget, customize it to your liking. There are several tabs you can go through in order to do so (some of the functions in here require GetSiteControl plan.).
After you are done, click OK.
Now back in the GetSiteControl dashboard, you can see the widget you created. You can always edit and make changes. 
Finally, change the widget's status to active with the icon on the top left of the widget window.
If you created a chat, the manage window where you are able to chat with visitors is located at the top left.
You can always add more sites, each can have it's own set of widgets.
Step 5: Publish.
To finish, publish your website.